Chairman ofthe Board

Chairman ofthe Board
DOB: 02/16/1998
Whelped: 02/16/1998
Color: White Liver

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Chairman is by far the finest Pointer I have ever owned. He is from the heart of the Elhew line, having been purchased from David Calcagni as a pup. We are desert quail/chukar hunters first and foremost, so it is important that our dogs are intelligent enough to find these birds. Chairman has been doing this with extreme class and style since he was 6 months of age. He was broke on South Texas Bobwhites, and ran in Sheldon Twer's horseback string as a derby. He has always backed as good as he points, and retrieves naturally to hand. He throws this in his pups, no matter what the line. He's been bred to linebred Elhew females, linebred Miller's females as well as Fiddler females. He breeds very true to his type, and you will get pups that have his regal composure. Chairman is still potent, and we are collecting his semen for the future. Take a look at his pedigree, and you will see how close he is to the great ones such as Hook's Bounty Hunter, Elhew Strike and HOF Guard Rail. View sons and daughters of Chairman

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